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OC Pharms Cannabis Oil Dablicators



Get the convenience of a syringe and the powerful medicating effects of a dab.  The Dablicator contains Clear Concentrate distillate that has been fractionally distilled for maximal potency and enhanced with naturally extracted plant terpenes and/or flavors for taste.  You will no longer struggle with sticky and messy waxes and shatters or fear of them melting or turning colors.  The Dablicator's Luer Lock tip makes for easy applications to a nail.

OC Pharms Clear Concentrates generally test between 85%-94% cannabinoid content.  Medicate responsibly.


Variety / Flavor
THC Content
Cost Ea.
Fruity Pebbles - Hybrid
Approx. 85%
Skywalker OG - Indica
Approx. 85%